canadian winter wallpaper, 4.4 million year old hominid found

Canadian winter wallpaper

‘Ardi,’ Oldest Human Ancestor, Unveiled

The world’s oldest and most complete skeleton of a potential human ancestor — named “Ardi,” short for Ardipithecus ramidus — has been unveiled by an international team of 47 researchers.

[   ]…The 4.4 million-year-old hominid opens up a new chapter on human evolution because “it is as close as we have ever come to finding the last common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans,” project co-director Tim White told Discovery News.

A paleontologist in the University of California at Berkeley’s Human Evolution Research Center say that the fossil is neither human or ape. It is to a link to what humans were at one time. There is no missing link for human evolution only some small gaps in a series of links. The ape-like hominid “Lucy”(genus Australopithecus) is one link and she lived about 3.2 million-years ago. Ardi – Ardipithecus ramidus is a ancestor of Lucy. Since Ardi is 4.4 million years old and Lucy is 3.2 million years old its very likely that million year plus gap holds another ape-human ancestor from which modern humans branched off.

There are people who one might term gapologists. They feel they may take gaps in knowledge and do a double somersault of logical fallacies. That is they can fill the gap with whatever they like per their imagination – a useful quality for science fiction, not science. The other twist involves claiming victory because a gap exists. You cannot or at least for now have not filled every gap so haha I win. That we how have two proto-humans is more then enough gap filling. Perhaps some time in the distant future museums will have the remains of the extinct gapologists at which visitors will shake their heads in disbelief that there were once such primitive humans.

brooklyn bridge construction 1870s

the design for the brooklyn bridge was finished in 1867. it was completed in 1883. President Chester Arthur attends ceremony. The wife of incapacitated of bridge designer John Roebling is the first to cross the bridge in a carriage. William Marcy “Boss” Tweed, who was a trustee of the bridge company ( the brooklyn bridge was one of the most advanced technological structures and engineering achievements of its day – a public works project) was arrested for stealing public funds – yes, corruption is an American tradition – one we cannot seem to shake.

Mother Speaks Out on Insurance Giant CIGNA’s Denial of Healthcare to Cancer-Stricken Twin Daughters

Stacie Ritter’s twin daughters were diagnosed with cancer at the age of four. Their insurance provider, CIGNA, denied them coverage even though they had been covered by the family’s former insurer. The incident marked just the latest chapter in the family’s ongoing troubles with the health insurance industry. A few years ago, the Ritters filed for bankruptcy due to their high medical expenses—even though they had health insurance at the time.

If the current private health care system was a boat it would be made of rotted, hole ridden wood. No one would see it as having any practical use. Successful journeys seem to be more about luck then structural integrity.