tricking bone marrow into making stem cells, old town, hypocrisy and legacies

old town

Scientists call up stem cell troops to repair the body using new drug treatments

Scientists have tricked bone marrow into releasing extra adult stem cells into the bloodstream, a technique that they hope could one day be used to repair heart damage or mend a broken bone, in a new study published today in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

When a person has a disease or an injury, the bone marrow mobilises different types of stem cells to help repair and regenerate tissue. The new research, by researchers from Imperial College London, shows that it may be possible to boost the body’s ability to repair itself and speed up repair, by using different new drug combinations to put the bone marrow into a state of ‘red alert’ and send specific kinds of stem cells into action.

In the new study, researchers tricked the bone marrow of healthy mice into releasing two types of adult stem cells – mesenchymal stem cells, which can turn into bone and cartilage and that can also suppress the immune system, and endothelial progenitor cells, which can make blood vessels and therefore have the potential to repair damage in the heart.

At least in this case, as the stem cells are not from embryonic sources, ( that would be destroyed anyway) there should be little controversy.

polar bear. the original art is from either 1930s or 40s.

Besides attending the mandatory kool-aid initiation, Joe Wilson R-SC is not any more rude and generally irrelevant then most conservative representatives. So no surprise he’s a hypocrite or he does not read bills before he signs them,  Joe Wilson R-SC Voted to Provide Taxpayer Money for Illegal Immigrants’ Healthcare

Wilson also belongs to Sons of Confederate Veterans. A group that managed to catch the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center for its racist agenda.

Bush’s Economic Legacy: A Final Tally (an era in which big G government could do no wrong)

Bush reversed Clinton’s policies, lowering taxes on the very wealthy – his “base” as he called them – and effectively raising them on everyone else. In his first full year at the helm of the economy, he delivered a $157 billion deficit, and he never looked back. By 2004, the deficits were topping $400 billion a year. While Clinton delivered surpluses, Bush’s deficits totaled some $3.7 trillion over his eight-year term. Clinton 6: Bush 0.

There is no subtlety, no ambiguity about the data or the economic performance they reveal. By every single measure, Bush’s policies and tenure were worse – much worse – for the American economy and the American people than those pursued by Bill Clinton. And we are still living today in the aftermath of the destruction they have wrought.

Personal responsibility is important. Its a pain in the ass sometimes, but its either that or be a leaching couch potato. Personal responsibility also comes under the big general heading of Values. Not in the sense of cantaloupes on sale, but owning your behavior. For eight years cons blamed the Bush economy on Bill Clinton. Now eight months into his first term the Bush legacy is somehow Obama’s fault. One possibility is that collectively cons suffer from some odd form of dyslexia, thus confusing  responsibility and values with rides at an amusement park which they can ride when ever they feel like it.