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By way of BagnewsNotes, FOX’s Delusional Glenn Beck Finds Communist Art At NBC’s Headquarters & Rockefeller Plaza

1. To post this video and then dismiss Beck’s narrative as simply bizarre is to completely miss the point.

Non-sense and anti-intellectualism form the crux of what Beck is about. What you can bank on is a delusional form of argumentation and case-making where simple and highly repetitive hate- and scare-mongering is couched around a (indecipherable) internal logic that, by virtue of Beck’s conviction, convinces those susceptible that he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

You have to watch the video at the link to truly appreciate the depth of weirdness. Beck’s train of thought, a kind of winger experiment in free association that is very informative on a level that Beck and his acolytes do not intend. A very short version would be something along the lines of President Obama wore a blue and yellow tie on Monday, the White House web page has red, white and blue colors – get it, yellow in the tie plus red on the web page. Those are the colors of the old Soviet Union, thus there is no doubt that President Obama is a communist. This is not an example of Beck’s logic because there is no logic. All the bits he puts together are akin to a 3000 year old pile of mental compost. Archeologists don’t know that it has any meaning other then pieces of trash that have melded into one another. It also does not help Beck’s case that Stalin and Hitler were both hostile to modern art. Beck shares Stalin and Hitler’s view that art not controlled by those with special knowledge, is subversive.  Between the artist’s intent, the artist’s subconscious, the viewer’s psychological makeup and education, good art, art that stands the test of time and critics does tend to be subversive. The only place where non-subversive art dominates public areas ( remember that ridiculous statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled back in 2003, or video of Chinese public squares and the images of Mao) and museums is in authoritarian regimes.

black iris by georgia okeefe

The U.S. does not by any means have a corner on hare-brained thinkers, Israel to Diaspora Inter-Marriers: You’ve Been Abducted.

The Israeli government is running a television ad that compares Jews who marry non-Jews — and the children of intermarriage — to victims of kidnapping.

[  ]…I don’t know how this offensive ad will play in Israel, but to the extent that American Jews hear about it, I think it’s disastrous for Israel’s continued efforts to win the allegiance of secular Diaspora Jews. You don’t earn loyalty by telling a person that his own marriage or his parents’ marriage is illegitimate, or that he is the product of unseemly “mixing.” For American Jews, in particular, it’s difficult to watch the ad and not think about the United States’ shameful history of anti-miscegenation laws. It’s not surprising, however, that an ideology of racial/ethnic superiority would be promoted by an Israeli administration intent on occupying its neighbors and denying full civil rights to Arab Israeli citizens. And remember when Prime Minister Benjmain Natanyahu reportedly slanderedDavid Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel as “self-hating Jews,”

Dana Goldstein says she does not see the logic behind an ad campaign that is bound to alienate the very people that it is supposed to win over. The ad and the premise do not have to make sense. Its like Glenn Beck or the myth that Obama is building camps to jail political dissidents once he declares martial law. It does not make sense for the U.S. military to go along with such a plan, but that doesn’t keep the mistaken beliefs and myths from spreading.


Ths is a true urban myth. Despite all the whining, death threats, astroturfing and promises to secede from the union, Conservatives secretly heart public health-care, Republicans Hate Healthcare Reform But Love “Socialized Medicine” for Themselves

Senator John McCain, (R-Ariz.) for instance, recently applauded the town hall protesters who were, in his words, revolting “against a government-run health system.” That was August 2009. In May of 2000, McCain had surgery at the Bethesda Naval Hospital to remove a potentially lethal melanoma from his left temple.

Senator Kit Bond (R-Mo.), meanwhile, has warned of the rationing of care, expensive costs, and reduced quality that would come under a government-run health care plan. In April 2003, however, he traveled to Bethesda Naval Hospital to undergo hip replacement surgery in an attempt to alleviate degenerative arthritis in his left hip.