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NanoPen may write new chapter in nanotechnology manufacturing

Researchers in California are reporting development of a so-called “NanoPen” that could provide a quick, convenient way of laying down patterns of nanoparticles — from wires to circuits — for making futuristic electronic devices, medical diagnostic tests, and other much-anticipated nanotechnology applications.

Those with a platinum health insurance plan will probably have access to such medical marvels. Everyone else will get a bottle of whiskey and a flame sterilized pen knife.


“Nurse Jackie” fizzles

Ultimately, there’s only one thing you need to know about the first season of “Nurse Jackie”: When the first episode begins, it’s tough to understand why Nurse Jackie would cheat on her perfectly dreamy husband, and when the last episode ends, we still don’t get it.

I have to admit that I didn’t get Jackie’s extramarital motivations, but wasn’t that self destructive behavior part of Jackie’s mystery. I cannot remember the movie, but in a crude and honest observation on why men married to smart attractive women cheat, one character states that behind every beautiful married woman is a man tired of “hit’n that”. Maybe Jackie’s motivations were just that simple. She wanted some variety. Its not a very romantic possible explanation, but not everything motivated by desire is.

And when Eddie finds out that she has a husband and kids, what happens? Nothing. Eddie gets drunk and acts weird, apparently without blowing Jackie’s cover, and Jackie is left freaking out and scarfing drugs, just like she was at the beginning.

Its not so much that I disagree with Heather. The last episode and what was left unsaid left a Grand Canyon sized void for everyone to fill in with their own take on what Eddie’s behavior meant. Eddie walks into Jackie’s husband’s restaurant to have a beer. My initial reaction was dread. That was from watching so many movies and programs where the husband or boyfriend confronts the other. Then as it seemed that Eddie was genuinely friendly and it made sense in terms of the characters and circumstances. Eddie finds out his lover is married. Its a shock. Yet Jackie’s husband would be the only other guy in the world that Eddie would have a deep kind of comradery. Eddie and feels that he has been cheated on, but also realizes that Jackie’s husband has been cheated on too. Who better to commiserate with over a couple of beers then the other guy that is in love with the same woman as you. That seems a lot more interesting, if subtle, then slugging it out in the alley thinking Jackie would chose the winner.

venice canal

A little known gem of U.S. history is that the Founding Fathers used have The Star Spangled Banner or America the Beautiful play when they put callers on hold, Fox Pushes Bogus Conspiracy Theory That Nancy ‘Music Czar’ Pelosi Is Banning Patriotic Muzak. Conservatives do know that glue is for building models, not sniffing?