the grand beneficence of the corporation, No9, the dull axe of libertarianism

They seem surprisingly human like on the outside. They’re not new. They dress well. They bath regularly and are said to use aftershave and colognes, so they might smell good. They wear shoes and many walk upright.  They’re part of the mana spread by the market gods, The “death panels” are already here

— In October 2008, Michael Napientak, a doorman from Clarendon Hills, Ill., went to the hospital for surgery to relieve agonizing back pain. His wife’s employer’s insurance provider, a subsidiary of UnitedHealthCare, had issued a pre-authorization for the operation. The operation went well. But in April, the insurer started sending notices that it wouldn’t pay for the surgery, after all; the family, not the insurance provider, would be on the hook for the $148,000 the hospital charged for the procedure. Pre-authorization, the insurance company explained, didn’t necessarily guarantee payment on a claim would be forthcoming. The company offered shifting explanations for why it wouldn’t pay — first, demanding proof that Napientak had tried less expensive measures to relieve his pain, and then, when he provided it, insisting that it lacked documentation for why the surgery was medically necessary. Napientak’s wife, Sandie, asked her boss to help out, but with no luck. Fortunately for the Napientaks, they were able to attract the attention of a Chicago Tribune columnist before they had to figure out how to pay the six-figure bill — once the newspaper started asking questions, the insurer suddenly decided, “based on additional information submitted,” to cover the tab, after all.

From The Onion – Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care.

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Resentment over being lied into an expensive and immoral war is exactly the same thing as working folks exercising their freedom to create a health-care option so they can improve the quality of their lives. Or an Impeach Bush t-shirt is just like a guy carrying around a 9mm semi-automatic at a townhall meeting. The equivalence is in the time-space where one races to their keyboard, starts typing while their mind in the kitchen watching the last few minutes of the Price is Right. Megan McArdle explains that 3 is very close to 3.6 so might as well call them equivalent. McArdle could never be the libertarian architect hero in The Fountainhead or the industrialist hero in Atlas Shrugged. Nor apparently a competent journalist. A side note: When libertarians and conservatives have to reach back to a relatively tiny group of loons from the 60s to prove that liberals did it too, its a dead giveaway they’ve never heard of a dull axe, much less Occam’s razor. Groups like the Weathermen and the Black Panthers were not liberals. They were extremists, closer to anarchists, with a pinch of collectivism. They were in no way proponents of classic liberalism ( post Great Society liberalism had not been articulated yet so they could not have been modern progressives). Liberal and leftists are frequently conflated, but they are not the same thing. An intellectual would know that. While the Right has a few branches of crazy they are all born of the same root ( this pdf is a good start for those interested in the history of the Right in the U.S.).


Study of 16 developing countries shows climate change could deepen poverty

Urban workers could suffer most from climate change as the cost of food drives them into poverty, according to a new study that quantifies the effects of climate on the world’s poor populations.

Not a problem of course if there is no such thing as global warming.