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This is a little nauseating, sorry about that. The Unfunny Truth

Don’t laugh. No contemporary figure has done more than Apatow, the 41-year-old auteur of gross-out comedies, to rebrand social conservatism for a younger generation that associates it primarily with priggishness and puritanism. No recent movie has made the case for abortion look as self-evidently awful as “Knocked Up,” Apatow’s 2007 keep-the-baby farce. No movie has made saving — and saving, and saving — your virginity seem as enviable as “The 40-Year Old Virgin,”

Do you remember the scene in Knocked Up where the government’s Department of Uterus Control came in and told Katherine Heigl that she had no choice to make, they would guard her until the birth. Neither do I, because that would have made it a surreal horror movie about right-wing values that only Ross Douthat and his friends would enjoy. Of course we all remember that wave of 18 year olds that saw The 40 Year Old Virgin and the mass giant echo heard across the nation declaring, “I think I’ll wait till I’m 40”. Douthat is paid a six figure salary to produce two 750 word columns a week espousing the virtues of conservativatism. Considering his columns thus far its obvious that conservatives have nothing against redistributing unearned wealth.

Some disturbing and clever insights into the Right’s attempts to borrow a kool kids pop culture identity from movies, art and music , Dispatches From the Konservetkult

It’s clear that most of these critics regard works of art, high and low, as reductive political objects that have been invested with cultural power — and since movement conservatives don’t produce many such objects themselves, these must be claimed for their cause. Classic examples include National Review’s “50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs,” which appropriates tunes like “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Gloria” (“a rock song that’s about faith and whose chorus is in Latin”), and blogger Solid Surfer’s conviction that, had John Lennon lived, he “would have become a card-carrying Republican and voted for President Bush in the 2004 election.”

That would be the same John Lennon who wrote,

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Coincidentally a liberal writes a column up today at Salon about the pressure to have children by. ..gasp… her liberal friends among others, The need to breed.

puerto madero

Even before a certain ex-governor started babbling about death panels there were and still are a lot of patently false rumors being passed around about health-care reform and the government supposedly taking charge of such decisions rather then doctors. A recent study seems to indicate that many families would rather leave even their doctor out of the decision, Doctors’ opinions not always welcome in life support decisions

To their surprise, Dr. White and colleagues found that only a slight majority, 56 percent, of surrogates expressed a preference for the version in which the physician offered an opinion to limit life support. A slight minority, 42 percent, preferred no recommendation, and the final two percent had no preference.

“This is an important article that has changed my clinical practice,” said J. Randall Curtis, M.PH., M.D., president of the American Thoracic Society and Professor of Medicine Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Section Head, Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA”I had previously assumed that almost all families would want physicians’ recommendations, but these findings indicate that there is no such consensus among surrogates. I suspect that physicians can do more harm by withholding a recommendation that is desired than by providing a recommendation that is not desired, but this study suggests we should ask rather than assume.”

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