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Art, Perception and Indeterminacy

This article considers the phenomenon of visual indeterminacy, which occurs when the sensory data gathered from the visual system cannot be integrated with semantic knowledge.

[   ]…Visual indeterminacy then occurs when we are presented with images that are vivid and detailed yet resist easy or immediate identification, that is, when perceptual data cannot be integrated with cognitive data.

[   ]…It could be argued that at such moments our visual awareness of the world is intensified as we struggle to find extra clues that might resolve the discrepancy between what we see and what we understand.

Aesthetics are frequently if not always difficult. One person’s ugly duck is another person’s swan, or something like that. Even the subdivisions are difficult. What did you just see. Can two or a group of people agree on a color. A shape. If there was movement, was it fluid or abrupt. Whatever meaning one might parse out from the painting or movie is always subject to the filter of the viewers experience. Even in cases where there is little or any ambiguity about the object, the same object aside from any innate qualities it possesses or the intentions of the artist that rendered it, is subject to different degrees of recognition and meaning that are viewer dependent.

make a wish

LDS may have posthumously baptized Obama’s African ancestors

Mormons have not only posthumously baptized President Barack Obama’s mother into their faith, but they may have performed the ritual for the president’s African ancestors as well, including his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, according to researcher Helen Radkey.

[  ]…Mormons believe these proxy baptisms give people in the spirit world a chance to reject or accept LDS gospel. But the practice has created controversy in the past, particularly with Jewish organizations that have objected to the baptisms of Holocaust victims.

If say the three judges of the Greco-Roman Chthonic underworld had meet with a soul and decided the soul’s fate and LDS ceremony would thus supersede the decisions of those judges or any other afterlife deities or authorities. The ethereal plain has always been a complicated place. Post judgment soul manipulation probably isn’t going to simplify matters.

Leader Of GOP Health Care “Solutions Group” Says GOP Won’t Offer Health Care Bill. Mr Sargent, perhaps rightly, seems critical of Republicans taking the low and easy road. Cheap shots have always been easy and solutions difficult, so who hasn’t tried to slide by once in while. It might be pushing their luck for Republicans to rely entirely on the lazy option on most every policy issue.