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Nearly One in Five University Students Experienced Violence in Last Six Months: UBC Study

While attending university, men are equally likely as women to have been victims of physical or emotional violence, and that violence is often linked to drinking, according to a new study led by University of British Columbia researcher Elizabeth Saewyc.

The study, first published online in the Journal of Adolescent Health last month and scheduled for print publication this fall, found 17 per cent of men and 16 per cent of women reported emotional or physical violence in the past six months. It’s the first multi-site study covering both the U.S. and Canada that focuses on recent violence while attending university.

I get the alcohol lowering inhibitions and how it serves as what has been described as a social lubricant. Suddenly everyone, especially the socially awkward feel more outgoing. That has a downside since drunk humans tend to be at less then their peak in the good decisions department. Never have understood those relative few that feel the need to get violent.

unreadable library

Via Crooked Timber and Evil Bender, The Invisible Library,

My Icerocket self-search (admit it, we all do it), led me to this marvellous project. The Invisible Library is a collection of books that don’t exist, except in the pages of other books. It is physically manifesting at the Tenderpixel Library in London, but will resume invisibility after 12 July.

The connection?

The Library catalog includes Unburnt Boats by JG Quiggin, a book that is not only fictional but, for a long time imaginary, even in its own fictional universe, that of Anthony Powell’s Dance to the Music of Time.

EB provides this link to a list of books which contain references to books that do not exist, or do they. The Crooked Timber link has some comments that speculate on the nature of invisible books – lots of nerdy and fun existentialism.

Glenn Beck has A Meltdown Arguing Against National Health Insurance

Glenn “I love my country so much I’d cry for it” Beck proved that he also loves it enough to have a major meltdown defending our health care system. After sarcastically mocking a caller to his radio show, “Cathy,” for arguing that we’re the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t have health care,” Beck finally lost it when Cathy refused to be intimidated. “What would you do to change this health care system for the better?” she pressed. Instead of answering, Beck screamed, “Get off my phone! Get off my phone you little pin head!”

I’m not sure Newshounds characterization of Glenn is correct. If one’s standard behavior is one continuous meltdown, then I’m not sure you can have a meltdown. Maybe Glenn was having an extraordinary meltdown. A phenomenal meltdown. A way off the range meltdown.

Notes: Any blogger considering doing some satire, snark etc, especially that which is light or non-obvious; not to give advice, but be aware that others might not got get it or take offense for for some imagined slight. The same holds sure for graphics that have a satirical or agitprop element to them. If your ambition is to get and keep a large readership, the consequences are something to ponder. On the other hand if you think fidelity to your ideas and content is what’s important, forget I even mentioned it.