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I picked this up on a news aggragator, “They are kept in lead-lined boxes; those who wish to consult them must wear protective clothing.” What and who are they referencing. Answer at bottom of post.

narrow passage

This is not as funny as a story about me body slapping myself to kill a small spider that got under my shirt, but its probably more interesting, World’s first ever ‘self-watering’ plant discovered in Israel

The Desert Rhubarb can hold 16 times more water than its rivals and has developed a unique ability to effectively water itself in its barren habitat.

Researchers were confounded by the metre-wide plant’s giant leaves, compared to its desert counterparts, whose tiny leaves stop dangerous moisture loss.

But they found the plant’s large leaves are the key to its success, because they are covered in microscopic streams through which water can be channelled.

Scientists claim ridges in the leaves act like mountain valleys, funnelling the water slowly and directly into the plant while stopping it evaporating.

Industrialized western countries are unlikely to return to a regional and season based diet. Mass marketing has created a taste for processed foods available year round. But plants like this, hybridized plants with similar qualities, might be part of the answer in countries that have chronic food shortages and manipulating the environment to produce crops like rice and corn are a strain on the environment in terms of sustainability. Though the problems countries like China and India are strained by their grain production to feed such large populations, ya ain’t seen nothing until they develop the same craving for beef as that of the U.S.

It takes about 2,500 of water and 16 pounds of grain to produce a pound of beef. The beef industry estimates 441 gallons of water. Though to get that figure takes some best case assumptions about how much water the cow returns water. If you get an average of 500 lbs of meat from a cow even that 441 is high in terms of calories returned on amount of water consumed. This is not to say that beef is evil, only that it might be an excessive part of some country’s dietary habits.

coast of spain

Awesome 10 Misspelled Tattoos. Depends on how one defines awesome.

Mark Sanford reveals he met with his mistress 7 times and calls her his “soul mate” and confesses to other encounters. Though those encounters were not sexual? Dear Friends of Mark Sanford. 1. Find a large clean sock. 2. You know here it belongs. When he is not having non-sexual affairs of the kind that Ross Douthat thinks are filled with the danger and intrigue, Sanford is hearing little voices that tell him to stay. Staying is part of God?s plan. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other on what he should do politically. On the personal level, for the sake of his family he is in obvious need of a cure for foot in mouth disease.

Answer: Marie Sklodowska Curie (November 7, 1867 – July 4, 1934) discovered polonium and radium, but she was very casual about carrying and handling samples. Thus many of her research notes and papers are radioactive. At the time of her discoveries no one was aware of radiation poisoning.