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Complaint Box – iPod Volume

My wife and I were on a crowded 1 train last year when a young red-haired woman turned to the woman seated next to her, who was playing her iPod way too loud.

“Hey, mind if I listen?” the redhead said, and without waiting for a response, plucked the woman’s left earbud, placed it in her own ear, and began bobbing her head to the music. The iPod owner looked mortified. The car grew silent save for the blare. I looked at my wife, who had heard me rant about this so many times, she knew exactly what I was thinking: At last, someone was taking a stand.

This isn’t an advice blog, but unless you’re very good at either charming confrantations or intimating people I’d try some ear plugs. Some people are actually reasonable and will turn down their music players, but most of the time you get two responses. One, the spite response. People figure they’re already using headphones, they’re in their little zone and resent what they see as a petty intrusion. The second is not much better. You can see they are embarrassed and the descent part of them is saying turn it down, but another, low self esteem side of them takes your polite request as a contest of wills and they are not going to let a stranger boss them around.

Thinking good thoughts for these folks, Britain demands release of nine Tehran embassy staff.

Britain today condemned the arrest of nine employees of the British embassy in Tehran and demanded their immediate release.

Jarmund/Vigsnaes Architecture: Farm house

…(Norway) – this farm house by jarmund/vigsnaes architecture echoes the materials and design
of an old barn. the private home covers only 165m2 but feels light and spacious thanks to a continuous band of windows that wrap around..

I liked the design, but they are tearing down the old barn that inspired some of the design. From the looks of it, the barn had a lot of good wood timber that could have been reclaimed to build the minimalist modern house. Cool design, poor planning.

Former Kansas City KKK leader indicted in 2004 mail bomb

“There are few criminal acts as cowardly as a parcel bomb,” said Christopher White of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in Phoenix.

In cowardly terms it rates up there with gunning down doctors because the perp felt the the doctor had committed crimes. Thoughts perpetuated by clowns  like Bill O’Reilly. Also from the same report,

Heidi Beirich, director of research for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said some anti-government groups that aren’t necessarily racist — such as sovereign-citizen activists and tax protesters — now are finding common cause with white supremacists.

“These two things have dovetailed due to the election of the first black president,” said Beirich. “The anti-government movement is more racialized.”

The economic crisis also has played a role, said Mark Pitcavage, a research director for the Anti-Defamation League. Occasionally, people in desperate financial shape look for scapegoats and take extreme actions, he said.

Dennis Mahon never strayed far from the movement.

After moving to Tulsa, he became the Midwestern consultant for the White Aryan Resistance and operated a Dial-a-Racist hot line. In 1991, he made headlines for going to Germany to recruit. He said his audiences included racist skinheads.

[  ]…“I think white men are finally realizing there’s no other solution but violence,” he said.

In a 2005 interview, Mahon said many supremacist groups had turned into “wimps.”

Bathsheba by Giovanni Battista Naldini 1570s. In one of the more bizarre opinion pieces on Governer Sanford’s inability to exercise control over his own zipper, a Mark Steyn blames big gov’mint and liberalism.