the coincidental evolution of cats, mountainscape, start a blatant lie – repeat often


Dogs are useful, as are cows, homing pigeons, goats and a few other animals that humanity has domesticated over the centuries, but cats? Cats, who are relatively useless – I’ll get back to that – seem to have domesticated themselves to take advantage of food and scrapes available in the vicinity of human encampments, The Evolution of House CatsGenetic and archaeological findings hint that wildcats became house cats earlier–and in a different place–than previously thought

It is by turns aloof and affectionate, serene and savage, endearing and exasperating. Despite its mercurial nature, however, the house cat is the most popular pet in the world.

[  ]…Using established computer routines, they assessed the ancestry of each of the 979 individuals sampled based on their genetic signatures. Specifically, they measured how similar each cat’s DNA was to that of all the other cats and grouped the animals having similar DNA together. They then asked whether most of the animals in a group lived in the same region.

The results revealed five genetic clusters, or lineages, of wildcats. Four of these lineages corresponded neatly with four of the known subspecies of wildcat and dwelled in specific places: F. silvestris silvestris in Europe, F. s. bieti in China, F. s. ornata in Central Asia and F. s. cafra in southern Africa. The fifth lineage, however, included not only the fifth known subspecies of wildcat—F. s. lybica in the Middle East—but also the hundreds of domestic cats that were sampled, including purebred and mixed-breed felines from the U.S., the U.K. and Japan.

Cats are not completely useless – they will catch and kill rats. If you have arachnophobia they are not adverse to eating a spider once in a while and its known that just petting a cat can lower blood pressure, in addition can help shut-ins deal with isolation and depression. Unlike providing physical protection or milk, domesticating cats may not have had obvious advantages 10,000 yeas ago, other then people seemed to enjoy having them around. Then the Egyptians attributed certain animistic super natural powers to them. Other world insiders; that can be a plus on the resume if people start to think you know people that know cats that know someone in the afterlife.

Inheriting Bush’s Smoke and Mirrors

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told POLITICO that GOP candidates in 2010 will almost certainly use the deficit to argue that Democrats own a Washington mess.

“This was not an inherited situation. This was a matter entirely of this administration’s and this Democratic leadership’s making,” Cornyn said.

“Now, it’s my understanding that ‘an inherited situation’ refers to ‘situations’ that are ‘inherited,'” Benen writes. “In the context of presidential administrations, it refers to problems that an outgoing president leaves for his or her successor.”

So if one president who, for the sake of argument, we’ll call “Beorge Gush” hands off an economy in ruins, a financial system in flames, and record deficits to a following president who we’ll call “Orack Bobama,” then Bobama would be said to be inheriting these problems from Gush. Gush doesn’t need to actually die and write in his will, “To Bobama, I bequeath everything I screwed up.” It’s a simple metaphor. To say the Orack didn’t inherit an economy in a state that experts refer to as “royally screwed” from Beorge is just a little shy of brutally honest.

If we could get in the time machine and follow John Cornyn’s childhood one can imagine the red hands, frequently smacked from the serial spilled milk incidents. For the sake of pain avoidance and not wanting to be an obvious disappointment to the family he learned early on to avoid accountability. Accountability has consequences.

Blaming Obama is relatively easy. Lips move, words fly. Actual proof doesn’t matter in the little game where lies are repeated often enough that people will believe the craziest stuff, like Iraq had connections to 9-11. The secret to a successful lie, distortion, mangled truth is mere repetition. Its defies all logic and facts to say that a president who has been in office for less then a year is responsible for a perfect storm of events tied closely to irresponsible economic policies that have been brewing for years. One need not worry or be concerned that far right extremists will succeed in this Orwellian twist on reality. They have been successful so far – though the paid up members of the choir are amazingly easy to convince and those cute tin foil beanies provide little protection.

Leonhardt lists four factors that account for the present deficit — a $2 trillion difference from the surplus Clinton bequeathed to Bush. 37% can be attributed to the business cycle and the resulting lost tax revenue from two recessions. 33% comes from legislation — like Medicare Part D — signed by Bush. 20% is accounted for by Bush spending that Obama continued — examples being two wars, the Wall Street Bailout, and a portion of Bush’s tax cuts.

“About 7 percent comes from the stimulus bill that Mr. Obama signed in February,” Leonhardt tells us. “And only 3 percent comes from Mr. Obama’s agenda on health care, education, energy and other areas. If the analysis is extended further into the future, well beyond 2012, the Obama agenda accounts for only a slightly higher share of the projected deficits.”