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brow language. i do not know how many words or emotions people try to convey consciously or unconsciously through their eye brows so that is a little poetic license with the title. i know, and acquaintances tell me my right brow says i’m skeptical a lot. a combination of my right arched up with a little left brow downward says i’m genuinely sorry,but that doesn’t sound like something i can help you with.  According to a 2006 study we do use our eyes to convey thoughts, Why Eyes are So Alluring

Of all primates, human eyes are the most conspicuous; our eyes see, but they are also meant to be seen. Our colored irises float against backdrops of white and encircle black pupils. This color contrast is not found in the eyes of most apes.

According to one idea, called the cooperative eye hypothesis, the distinctive features that help highlight our eyes evolved partly to help us follow each others’ gazes when communicating or when cooperating with one another on tasks requiring close contact.

[  ]…The cooperative eye hypothesis explains these differences as traits that evolved to help facilitate communication and cooperation between members of a social group. As one important example, human mothers and infants are heavily reliant on eye contact during their interactions. One study found that human infants look at the face and eyes of their caregiver twice as long on average compared with other apes.

On the other hand it  is probably a mistake to take body language cues from TV detectives. Some one might be showing anger in their eye contact or affection for that matter, but that does not mean those feelings are about the person in the room or those particular circumstances. Humans learn the art of deception relatively young. Children generally learn to be deceptive, including avoiding eye contact as young as four.


The Supreme Court Why Women Matter

It was a small case, with limited immediate impact. Business won and women lost – by a vote of seven to two.

One of those dissenting was the lone woman on the Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Justice Ginsburg, who says her tireless support of workplace equality was shaped by her own professional struggles, wrote: “Certain attitudes about pregnancy and childbirth throughout human history have sustained pervasive, often law-sanctioned, restrictions on a woman’s place among paid workers and active citizens.”

The question is: does that kind of gender identification have a place in the land’s highest court? Simple answer: yes.

Objectivity is a noble goal, but knowing that it is just that, a virtue that we hope the male and predominantly white Catholic judges aspire do,it is not unreasonable to have a non-white, non-male also aspiring to be objective. Its popular to use the argument, now used as a popularly dismissive phrase by some, that total objectivity is impossible. All the more reason to have a little more cultural balance on our higher courts.

Heather Graham: Tantric Sex ‘Works For Me’. I’m truly happy for her, though it sounds exhausting.

Joseph E. Stiglitz is not happy with President Obama’s economic plan especially when it comes to the larger banks. Ironically his criticism is the opposite of those economic experts like Sean Hannity (a college drop-out)and Alaska Governor Palin. The later two seem to also practice a tantric economics. They think if they repeat the word socialism over and over again it, their imagined reality becomes concrete.  From Stiglitz,

This ersatz capitalism, where losses are socialised and profits privatised, is doomed to failure. Incentives are distorted. There is no market discipline. The too-big-to-be-restructured banks know that they can gamble with impunity – and, with the Federal Reserve making funds available at near-zero interest rates, there is ample money to do so.

Some have called this “socialism with American characteristics”. But socialism is concerned about ordinary individuals.

The president seems to be intent on more regulation, a net plus, but other then that he is rebuilding the house of economics that Republicans used to worship. In this video from 2008 yet, Sean Hannity was claiming Bush left the economy in great shape and had a great job creation record. Bizarre doesn’t began to describe the 180 that Hannity and other conservatives have done. Note that most of the criticism from the right about Obama’s plans are from the faux populist tea bagger types. Wall Street conservatives are thrilled, because as Stiglitz notes, Obama is simply recreating the kind of economy that the Bush-Milton Friedman school of economics said could never fail.