chimps remember the best fruit trees, mountain stream, ironic news

Chimps mentally map fruit trees

Their spatial memory is so precise that they can find a single tree among more than 12,000 others within a patch of forest, primatologists have found.

More than that, the chimps also recall how productive each tree is, and decide to travel further to eat from those they know will yield the most fruit.

Acquiring such an ability may have helped drive the evolution of sophisticated primate brains.

Its difficult to pend down an exact figure for the average vocabulary of English speakers – estimates range from an average of 10,000 to 25,000 words. So a chimp can remember the location of as many trees as many humans can remember words. In one research project a chimp developed a vocabulary of 3,000 words, using a computer to communicate.That 3,000 word figure is even more remarkable in that the average person gets through most conversations using less then 800 words, not including body language like eye rolls and grimaces.

mountain stream

I’ve been getting some hits from Bing’s image search so this was interesting, The Grouse takes a chance on Microsoft’s Google-killer

So, it seems Bing can deliver some amazing search results — if you know exactly what to type into the search box. I’m sorry, but the reason Google is so successful, at least with me, is that it is incredibly easy to use and incredibly forgiving when it comes to both laziness and stupidity. If I misspell “its always surny in phillehlphia” into Google, I’m politely asked if I meant to type, “its always sunny in philadelphia.”

Bing’s regular search results are lacking in regular search and news. Both Goggle and Yahoo are better, but it does do OK on image searches. I still use Dogpile once in a while. It returns results from Live Search, Yahoo, Google and Ask.

Still Life Apples and Pears by Courbet 1871

Cop: Oh yea, I understand. I hate it when that happens. Cops: Speeder said he was chasing pot thief

Police say the driver, Ryan Neaus, 21, of 824 Seybert St., Hazleton, told them he was speeding “because he was chasing the person who just robbed him of his Apple iPhone and three bags of marijuana.”

Neaus was charged with possession with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, police said.

Its not against the law to be an idiot so at least he had some luck.

When everything becomes ironic; what is that called. Right-wing murderer complains about his treatment,

Update: Roeder also complained about the “deplorable conditions” in his jail cell, complaining that it was freezing. “I started having a bad cough. I thought I was going to have pneumonia,” he said.

Authorities should give him an extra blanket and let him be examined by a doctor. Thus making an irony layer cake.