progress spotlights another failure of eliminationism, causing misery and death by default, specimen 28

In the 1936 Olympics, Hitler’s Third Reich, the ultimate eliminationists, got up and walked out rather then stay to see African-American runner Jesse Owens honored with his Gold medal. If there was an afterlife Hitler would be writhing with outrage in his little corner of Hell as America’s firs Black president honors those that triumphed over the Reich’s evil, Obama honors D-day heroes on 65th anniversary of invasion

“It is a story that has never come easy, but one that always gives us hope,” he said. “For as we face down the hardships and struggles of our time, and arrive at that hour for which we were born, we cannot help but draw strength from those moments in history when the best among us were somehow able to swallow their fears and secure a beachhead on an unforgiving shore.”

The 65th anniversary of the invasion falls as the new American president works to build new global alliances to fight violent extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, contain the proliferation of nuclear weapons and support peace in the Middle East.

The ceremonies came at the end of Obama’s mission through the Middle East and Europe, in which he pressed world leaders for support in those initiatives. Joining the president for the Normandy event were leaders from France, Canada and Britain, allies in the mission of June 6, 1944.

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For all the credit humanity lauds upon itself for the ability to engage in sophisticated abstract thought, we might also simultaneously be the only mammal able to talk ourselves out of acting rationally, Do Religiously-Based Restrictions Contribute to Late-term Abortion?

The assassination of Dr. George Tiller has brought some attention to the issue of abortions that take place late in pregnancy, inspiring many to wonder aloud how often these procedures take place and what contributing factors may leave women in this difficult position.  A myriad of physical and psychological crises give rise to this rare occurrence, but one situation possibly arose because a doctor imposed his religious or moral beliefs on his patient.

One woman ended up having an abortion in her third trimester because a doctor purposefully withheld information from her about her fetus’s terminal medical condition.  As reported in the Washington Post [1], a woman discovered only a few weeks before her due date that her fetus had developed without a brain, and would never take one breath.  Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who worked with Tiller, said “Her doctor knew the problem all along but just never told her.”

We as a culture have moved away from the near idolatry toward medical doctors that afflicted previous generations. Most of us have personal experiences that prove doctors do not know it all. Still as a culture we put tremendous trust in the medical profession. A doctor’s office or hospital is not a grade school playground, a corporate boardroom or the loading docks. Those offices and institutions are supposed to be the grown-up neutral zones. Places where petty opinions and differences are put aside to do what in the best interests of the patient, not what the Flying Spaghetti Monster whispered in the doctor, nurses or tech’s ear. The doctor that chose a terminal baby over a real suffering human committed a terrible betrayal, but those that say they care about medically terminated pregnancies share a burden of the overall guilt. Many of the same people that are against late term terminations, regardless of whether it kills or injures the patient are also against birth control, and in general and women having dominion over their own bodies. Given a choice to lower the total number of  of abortions by adopting sensible adult views about birth control, they choose, in their peculiar abstract thinking, more abortions.

Dr. Tiller was something of a lightning rod because his work was public. The hypocrites, those that are against healthy attitudes about sex education and birth control, who cannot seem to connect the dots between their behavior and increasing the likelihood of more abortions. A remark in this report by an anti-choice ideologue sums it, U.S. Abortion Rate at 30-Year Low ( due to access to birth control and sex education)

Wendy Wright is executive vice president of Concerned Women for America, which describes itself as the “nation’s largest public policy women’s organization” that strives to “bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy.”

She said the new report was designed to get more funding for contraception and education about contraception, so it can’t be taken as “gospel truth.”

M’s Wright, her organization and others like them are responsible for many pregnancies being terminated and unwanted pregnancies in general then a thousand Dr. Tillers. The dirty little secret that Wright and Operation Rescue  do not want to acknowledge is that that are plenty of doctors who perform procedures they find abhorrent, but they’re the doctors in private practice that treat women from upper income households who can avoid the stigma of going to a clinic run by a Dr. Tiller, George Tiller and Countering Anti-Choice Terrorism

It also works because abortion, like all American healthcare, is profoundly shaped by structures of privilege and access. Wealthy women in urban areas with private insurance who have long term relationships with physicians have more access to privacy and to termination services than do other women. Poor women, teenagers, rural women, women suffering with domestic violence, and uninsured women are much more likely to have to risk some level of public scrutiny of their decision to seek an abortion. They cannot request a D&C from their private provider, they must seek out a clinic. Even during the dark years of back alley abortions when all women seeking abortion were at risk, it was the most vulnerable women who carried the heaviest burden of infection, illness, and death.

Randall ‘anyone want to buy me lunch’ Terry of Operation Rescue, Concerned Women for America and murderer Scott Roeder say they are pro-life, but their actions and broken moral compass speak otherwise. The FBI keeps statistics on murder, rape, arson and other crimes, but not on the amount of suffering and deaths caused by willful malicious ignorance.

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