wanderers creek, how the earth was made, can the world survive china’s capitalist materialism

wanderers creek

A few things came so I cannot do the complete post I had planned. I may add to this post later or start a new one tomorrow.

How the Earth Was Made from the History Channel.

New radio chip mimics human ear, could enable universal radio

Can the world survive China’s headlong rush to emulate the American way of life?

The emergence of China as a dominant economic power is an epochal event, as significant as the United States’ ascendancy after World War II. It is in many ways an astonishment, starting with the ideological about-face that enabled it, the throwing over of Maoist values for plainly capitalist ones starting in the late 1970s. So thorough is the change that the 19-foot-tall portrait of a stolid, potato-faced Mao Zedong that still looms over traffic-choked, commerce-suffused Tiananmen Square looks paradoxical, even startling, in seeming need of an update in which Mao winks—or sobs—in blinking neon. Meanwhile, inside Beijing’s Forbidden City, the heart of old China, buildings with such intoxicating names as Hall of Preserved Harmony and Palace of Heavenly Purity bear signs reading, “Made Possible by the American Express Company.”