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The Greatest Movies Ever Actually Suck,  As Bennett Gordon notes whether its classic literature, one of the movies listed on The American Film Institutes best movies of all time ( The Sixth Sense and Titanic recently made the cut. To me the Sixth Sense is something of a one time gimmick and Titanic is a sentimental favorite with many that I have never been able to watch all the way through, I’m afraid I’ll die of boredom), if its considered by general consensus to be among the best, there is someone at Amazon or IMDB that thinks it sucks. Its fine to think that a book or movie sucks, but to lay one’s opinion out in such stunted spurts of disgust generally leaves the reader wondering. Exactly what were the criteria you that lead to that opinion. If one stopped to write a few words, then one had time to write a few more by way of insights that might sway someone to your POV. A feat that would be a point of pride as arguments about aesthetics are difficult to win. Or maybe the fewer words the better,

Citizen Kane:
I saw this movie and just about puked in my lap because it was so terrible! Go see the Da Vinci Code instead. Tom Hanks is ten times the actor Orson “Fatty McFat” Welles ever was!

Wizard of Oz:
the wort movie ive ever seen .I mean they clorized once color tv came out and there special effects are lame ,the costumes are ugly the props are ugly so never buy this film!!!!

first of all its NOTHING like the future is probly going to turn out. second of all every one says the aurthor george orwell is so trippy and wierd but i think he’s just trying to cover up for the fact that HE CAN’T WRITE. please george do us all a faver and stop writing books.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl:
It was really really boring. Its about some girl and her life- who cares!?! It is a total girly-girl book. Too dull to even care. I couldnt even pay attention to what happened to her, why it was so awful. Oh Well, NEXT…

The Odyssey:
This book sucks. I dont care if Homer was blind or not this book is like 900 pages too long. I could tell this story in about 10 pages. Homer taking all long to say stupid stuff. ( the original link to Cynical-C Blog with more examples and lots of old movie posters as illustrations).

Wells is at somewhat a disadvantage in the acting comparison. He was literally old school. Marlon Brando  among a couple other actors in the fifties brought us the natural school of acting of which Hanks is a legacy beneficiary. Wells acted in much the same style, taken down a few degrees because of the nature of film to amplify emotions, that stage actors had used for a few hundred years. Wells acting aside, anyone considering a career in cinematography could still learn something from the use of visual effects and lighting as tools to help tell a story. The effects are a substantial part of the subtext of the Kane saga.

Ann Frank. One can understand not enjoying the book, but to be so unmoved by it and not understand why it her life was “so awful” leaves me more concerned with the reviewers ability to empathize and their general mental health then with their appreciation for the work.


Cheney admits there was never any evidence tying Iraq, 9/11. If Cheney’s life proceeds as it has thus far, he’ll  discover the TV can be turned on and off with a remote around 2018.

Cheney’s comments are a marked shift from those he made in 2003. Pressed to disavow assertions that Iraq was in any way involved with the attacks, the then-VP claimed the administration was learning “more and more” about al Qaeda-Iraq ties.

Now, after 4,308 US servicemembers have lost their lives in Iraq, and no longer in office, the vociferous GOP hawk has appears to have changed his mind.

Scientists create metal that pumps liquid uphill

In nature, trees pull vast amounts of water from their roots up to their leaves hundreds of feet above the ground through capillary action, but now scientists at the University of Rochester have created a simple slab of metal that lifts liquid using the same principle—but does so at a speed that would make nature envious.

And great news for those of us that hate needles, this discovery could help with medical diagnostics and taking blood in particular, “a nurse wouldn’t need to draw a whole tube of blood for a test. A scratch on the skin might contain more than enough cells for a micro-analysis.”

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