reading tutors make the difference for low income students, bricks and walls, meat or roses

Study finds students with Experience Corps tutors make 60% more progress in critical reading skills than students without tutors

Tutoring children in and after school isn’t new, but how much does it really help in critical areas like reading? Rigorous new research from Washington University in St. Louis shows significant gains from a national service program that trains experienced Americans to help low-income children one-on-one in urban public schools.

The central finding: Over a single school year, students with Experience Corps tutors made over 60 percent more progress in learning two critical reading skills — sounding out new words and reading comprehension — than similar students not served by the program.

There has been some correlation between improved reading skills and less anti-social behavior. Plus there seems to be a relation between reading skills, improved social skills and more success in an adult’s working life. That might all seem like common sense , but the debate still occurs in the context of local or federal spending. Investments in such programs are frequently called a waste, but ultimately cost effective if we have fewer people having run ins with the law and generally earning more at their jobs. There is also the added benefit of learning all the things they should have taught you in school, but did not because of the watered down Washington and his cherry tree text books.

bricks and walls

Meat for Sex in wild chimpanzees

In recent research conducted in the Taï National Park, Côte d’Ivoire, Cristina M. Gomes and Christophe Boesch show that female chimpanzees copulate more frequently with males who share meat with them on at least one occasion, compared with males who never share meat with them, indicating that sharing meat with females improves a males’ mating success.

Does this settle the dating dilemma, meat or roses.

Media figures advance false claim that Obama ceded economic sovereignty at G-20 summit

Media figures have advanced the false claim that in signing the G-20 communiqué establishing a new Financial Stability Board, President Obama ceded U.S. sovereignty to international economic regulators. In fact, the FSB referenced in the communiqué does not have any authority over U.S. policy.

I thought the question was settled when Bush charged his entire presidency and his infamous tax cuts on the Republican Chinese credit card or your children’s future.


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