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Heather Havrilesky over at Salon and I may never agree on Hank Moody of Californication, but she captures Don Draper and the rest of the Mad Men characters in a way that almost makes me believe in ESP, Finale wrap-up: “Mad Men”

Of course, Betty’s revelation to Don about her pregnancy, however subdued, may be the ultimate reckoning moment of the finale. Don has successfully wriggled back into his home by apologizing to Betty in a heartfelt letter, but now neither of them can share in the romantic notion that Don’s big gesture made a bit of difference. Whether or not they want a baby is beside the point; Don and Betty are stuck together, and no sweet sentiments can sugarcoat their captivity. Don’s stricken look in the wake of Betty’s news doesn’t reflect his reluctance to have another child so much as his disappointment in realizing that he’s being welcomed back not as a flawed, hurt person trying to make a connection, but as a provider. Don and Betty’s only chance at a real connection — total honesty — is made impossible by their circumstances.

After all he’s done why do we still like, or maybe the better word is root for Don. Betty is the far more sympathetic of the two and while I can understand her desire to have a payback affair, I don’t get the logic. In order for it to be an effective revenge she has to tell Don.

Coincidence or clever planning by the Mad Men producers that today coincides with the theme of the finale. The Cuban Missile Crisis ended on this day in 1962.

We’re obsessed with aging. The irony is that with good genes, diet, exercise and decent health-care we can be active and in good shape into ages that would have been unthinkable in 1962. With the ironic exception of human skin, which loses its elasticity as we age no matter how many vitamins or laps we take, Red LEDs could make anti-ageing device

Previous studies have suggested that red light with a wavelength of around 670 nanometres can make water molecules close to hydrophilic substances more mobile. So Sommer and Zhu aimed powerful red LEDs at the skin around the eyes for 90 seconds daily for 10 months, and found that it significantly reduced wrinkles

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The sun comes up, Fox tells another lie, Fox Echoing Drudge, Fox News on-screen text flat wrong about Obama’s Redistribution comments on Supreme Court

“What the critics are missing is that the term ‘redistribution’ didn’t man in the Constitutional context equalized wealth or anything like that. It meant some positive rights, most prominently the right to education, and also the right to a lawyer,” Sunstein said. “What he’s saying – this is the irony of it – he’s basically taking the side of the conservatives then and now against the liberals.”

I disagree with that interpretation. Obama’s take was a combination of the practical fiscal obstacles that go along with seeking relief through the courts. In classical liberal tradition he thought in the long run it would be better to form cultural consensuses related to resolving issues of inequality through the legislative branch. Doing so would involve the citizenry, thus minimizing resentment and avoiding the awkward involvement of the courts in the costs of changing things as in school integration. A Lincolnesque Republican, an endangered species, would be comforted by that school of legal thought, but there are few of those in modern Conservatism.

I’m just greatful I don’t live next door, I hate bickering, McCain adviser calls Palin ‘a whack job.’