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Absurdist writers/philosophers like Albert Camus came to think that while life was absurd and probably lacked any inherent meaning. Some people find that concept terrifying, either finding solace in system of beliefs and others sometimes becoming emotionally paralyzed. Camus thought that rather then sit around in a state of impassive dread life should be spent finding and appreciating beauty – the aesthetics based life. Or finding something, though subjective, to give one’s life meaning, the purpose based life. As usual, this is not my senior thesis and I’m simplifying, but for most people that have had a few years of college level humanities the general concepts aren’t unfamiliar. Though the vast majority of people, regardless of education have had thoughts about life and its meaning. Vaseline tracks its lotion through Alaskan town

With a campaign beginning this month, Vaseline is testing a more conceptual approach. Rather than creating an online social network, it is aiming to map the social network of a small town in Alaska.

The idea is to show that a new Vaseline lotion, Clinical Therapy, is so effective that the residents of Kodiak, Alaska, passed the word around.

It was partly of their own accord, and partly because Vaseline was pushing it: Vaseline representatives set up shop in a storefront in Kodiak and gave away free bottles. The residents had to pinpoint which of their fellow townspeople had recommended it.

Some people might watch a DVD, go to a museum, build a monster truck, rise a family or write a blog by way of giving their lives some meaning. Others become involved in the Vaseline network and drag their friends along.

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I’m linking to the Moonie Times which means I’ll have to shower after this post, Partisanship at the theaters

Hollywood can be an awful place for conservatives, personally as well as professionally. Andrew Breitbart has thoroughly documented its closed-mindedness and hostility to conservatives in general and Republicans in particular in these pages.

This means a lot was at stake for those involved with “An American Carol.” A fiercely conservative film taking broad swipes at liberal icons such as Michael Moore and the American Civil Liberties Union, David Zucker’s zany comedy was supposed to strike a blow for all right-thinking members of the Hollywood community.

‘Carol’ was released on 10-3, had a budget of 20 million and as of today has receipts of just over 5 million. Mr. Bunch admits that it is awful, but states that ‘Religulous’ ( tagging it liberal) which costs 2.5 million and has 5 million in receipts is just as bad. If there is some controversy here, its probably the kind that would start a good snooze fest. Bunch cares and one right-wing blogger cares. Only slightly more interesting is how oblivious Bunch is, as he writes his combination review and whine about Conservatives are victims of big bad liberals in Hollywood. He lists two multi-millionaire Conservative actors ( plus multi-millionaire producer David Zucker) and I could, but won’t list another dozen, plus a few Conservative movie executives, then there’s the ginormous media corporations that own the studios. Still he complains that Hollywood doesn’t make Red Dawn and the marginally Conservative ‘300’ over and over again. Conservatism is the antithesis of creativity. Even asking Conservatives to make good movies is like asking a monk to throw a good orgy. Its just not part of who they are. Kevin Costner, a republican actor and director made the highly acclaimed Dances With Wolves, but that was a liberal film in many ways – then Costner made The Postman a clearly right-libertarian film, which is now shown in Hell’s waiting room. Bunch ends by pleading for Conservatives to cough up 20 million to train a generation of rightie film makers. He doesn’t think Costner, Zucker, Willis, Sinise and Grammer have vested interests? – well maybe they’re all too happy with the income from their mainstream projects. Certainly it is not the lack of Conservative money in Hollywood or out that keeps us from enjoying another Postman, its the content. Movies do well because they appeal to a mass audience, a little simple math and statistic should tell Bunch that regardless of political affiliation most Americans like interesting movies and whatever that quality is, its not Conservative. Get used to it, it never will be. Frequently it is a mistake to equate the artistic merit of a movie with its box office receipts, but in a not too round about way Bunch, like many Cons thinks box office numbers equals quality when its suits them, then does a 180 when it doesn’t prove their dull point.