egalitarian men earn less, necessary distance, gawker gets hate mail

Sexist Men Earn More Money: Study

The greatest difference was found when comparing salaries of men and women with traditional gender role views in similar jobs: that gap is $14,404 on average.  When men and women with egalitarian views in similar jobs are compared, the average difference is just $1,422.

“Our results clearly show if everyone were egalitarian, the gender wage gap would be a lot smaller than it is,” said Judge.

One of the reasearchers speculated that men with traditional views might be more contentious in their wage negoiations. I’ve got rugrats blooding me dry and you call this a rise – I made that up. i was hesitant to give this study much credence, but UF used a large sample size that included multiple interviews over 25 years. Its strikes me as incredibly curious that men who are sticking up for equal pay for women are literally paying for it. How does the boss or human resources know. Does management keep its ear to the grapevine about who stands up for principle and down sizes their rises accordingly. Is this a conscious phenomenon or unconscious.

necessary distance

Sarah Palin’s Hacked Emails Threaten Free Speech

Under current laws, Gawker and Wikileaks are likely protected from prosecution, but that hasn’t stopped readers from sending various threatening emails.

While I’m not a big fan of Gawker I don’t wish anyone over there any harm and whether one likes what they did or not they did not do anything illegal. The hacking itself is another matter. What is illegal is to threaten to kill someone. I’ve always thought any kind of threats made on the net were a little cowardly and witless. Most people seem to feel that way. That doesn’t stop a few folks from continuing the practice. Some emails sent to Gawker,

In regards to your hacking of the Sarah Palin email account:
1) You will hopefully be prosecuted. This is a federal law violation. A felony I believe. Get Your vasoline, you have a date in federal prison with Bubba and he is HORNY.
2) Better yet, you should be executed. That would be too much fun maybe but i could tough it out. I volunteer to do it for free. Nice and slow. I could make it last days.
[  ]…pss: Bring your own body bags. My bait bucket is too small for more then a couple of you and your dirt bag friends.

Gory blood filled daydreams combined with vasoline references, always a good indicator of a top notch intellect at work. And this,

Keep up the Palin trashing so the NIGGER is GUARANTEED to lose!

Isn’t there a rumor going around about angry liberals. If we’re angry then WTF are these guys.