the plot against blinkers, gene splatter, marine debris outta control

Jon Steward and I have something in common. We’re both blinkists. Those that are in favor of blink. Sarah Palin may have unintentionally given rise to a new movement, Stewart: Palin to ‘freak out’ terrorists with ‘no blinking’ plan

“I answered him ‘yes,'” Palin told Gibson of her response to McCain’s offer of the nomination, “because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission … you can’t blink. So I didn’t blink then, even, when asked to run as his running-mate.”

“Total certainty would be such a refreshing change of pace in the White House,” Stewart commented ironically.

“In order to stop Islamic extremists,” Palin told Gibson, “we must do whatever it takes, and we must not blink.”

“Yeah!” yelled Stewart. We’re going to freak out them terrorists with our no blinking! … She really is bringing a fresh, new idea to this presidential season.”

Just my opinion, but I believe that if we stop blinking the terrorists win. Blinking is a biological imperative in human beings and has been for millions of years. Much of the time we blink so often and so rapidly that we’re not aware that we are. Our eyelids are lined with about 25 sebaceous glands that continuously produce oils to protect our eyes. When we blink our eyelids give our eyes a fresh coat of those protective oils. An America gone blind from not blinking would be quite a victory for radical terrorists set on destroying America. One has to wonder if perhaps Palin is an al Qaeda mole. Blinking, unless something has become lodged in the eye is not irritating, but rather a natural form of irrigation bringing moisture to the eye. How devious of M’s Palin and her anti-blinking supporters to throttle down the natural defenses provided by the all American eyelash. Small debris and environmental pollutants cause an automatic reflex of the lash, forcing it to lower itself. On average normal American citizens, and the French too from what I understand, blink about once every four seconds. There is no need for yet more repressive Republican intrusion into our personal lives. When faced with a threat, especially one in low light, Americans will automatically blink a little less. This is a naturally evolved phenomenon to increase the amount of light traveling to the eye in order to better deal with the threat. Any artificial manipulation of the eyes amazing abilities might result in permanent eye damage. I think America can see what you’re up to Osama Bin Sarah.


Marine Debris Will Likely Worsen in the 21st Century; Goal of Zero Waste Discharge Should Be Adopted

A National Research Council committee was convened at the request of Congress to assess the effectiveness of international and national measures to prevent and reduce marine debris and its impact.  Marine debris, man-made materials that intentionally or accidentally enter and pollute the ocean, can cause significant harm.  For instance, birds, fish, and marine mammals ingest debris, especially plastics, which can lead to digestive problems and uptake of toxic compounds.  Animals can also suffer injuries or die after becoming entangled in fishing-related debris such as plastic net fragments, rope, and packing straps.  Marine debris also poses a health and safety hazard to beachgoers and divers, and could impact coastal recreation and tourism revenue.

This is all part of a giant plot to foil my dream of a plastic bridge of refuse connecting America with Spain. I can’t help it. Must be a snark peak in my biorhythms.

gene splatter

Gene profiling continued. Sad news, Google co-founder has Parkinson’s mutation

In his blog, Brin reveals that his 23andMe account has shown that he carries a mutation known as G2019S in a gene called LRRK2 that puts him at an elevated risk of contracting Parkinson’s. He also discloses that his mother, who has been diagnosed with the disease, carries the same mutation.

This does not mean that Brin has Parkinson’s or that he is destined to have Parkinson’s, only that his chances of developing it are more then those without the mutation. An educated guesstimate puts his chances at fifty percent.