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I remember reading something about this last year or early in 2008 in the paper version of Wired. Then like a lot of the stuff that is predicted we might get one day if we don’t eat too much fat, I forgot about it, VideoSurf: New, Genuinely Radical Video Search

VideoSurf is a computer vision search engine that processes all of the kinds of information most video search services do, but then goes a step further, applying a proprietary process using “multigrid fast computation” and some heavy-duty computer processing power to analyze videos, identify people, and extract all kinds of additional information directly from the video itself. Until I saw the demo, I thought this type of technology was still years away.

Apparently its still in beta for the general public. Search Engineland mentions one the things that would make it useful for, for blogging. The “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” game applied in real time. Kevin wouldn’t necessarily be the object of the search, but maybe all the movies that had memorable scences with characters and rain ( Breakfast at Tiffanys and Match Point come to mind), or movies with robots from the fifties until now and so forth.

in green pastures

Pigs, Lipstick, Analogies and New heights of stupidity

We’re fighting multiple wars; our oldest and most established financial institutions are on the verge of collapse; we’ve fundamentally transformed and then dismantled our constitutional framework over the last eight years, etc. etc. But the Right and their media partners are striving to ensure that our election this year is going to be dominated and determined by whether John Kerry looks stupid in wind-surfing tights Barack Obama called Sarah Palin a “pig” when he invoked a meaningless cliché.

A couple blogs I read have used the term low information voters to describe who this sort of nonsense appeals to. I think that’s very sweet of them to find a term that is a little more sensitive then stupid, but as the wheels of spin turn it still remains that some things, events and people are just plain stupid. Thinking about what has been done to the U.S. Department of Justice, the 4th Amendment, our financial stability and to our military is just too much for some to fathom. They do understand pigs and lipstick though. Its the cultural equivalent of 2+1. They don’t have to think too hard and it gives them the feeling they’re actually participating in the important issues of the day.

hearing voices

Johnny Mac, self proclaimed purveyor of all things honorable and true, a proponent of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution no less has given his seal of approval to Sarah Palin’s assertion that the occupation of Iraq is part of God’s plan,

…that our leaders, our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God — that’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God’s plan.

She also asked that the troops be blessed which is a pretty standard wish among public leaders. Nothing wrong with that. That there is some force she believes wants the U.S. to engage in costly and bloody conflicts, which some of our political leaders have lied the country into brings up yesterday’s post. Professor Cole’s worry that she believes her very subjective and worldly view is the same as an all knowing, all powerful deity.