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The Russians Are Coming

One of those articles where they a few experts together and they give their take. Stephen Kotin thinks the Russians are market authoritarians much like the Chinese. Russia’s economy almost matches Great Britain’s purchasing power. The short of it is that Russia has too much to lose financially by resurrecting its former expansionism. As American taxpayers who are keeping track know. War is expensive. The combined costs of Afghanistan and Iraq are approaching the trillion dollar mark. Which when you think about might undermine Kotin’s argument. Some political leaders just don’t think rationally about the cost-benefit aspect. Are Russia’s leaders as zealous as ours. Ironically as certain folks were declaring we’re all Georgians now, Russia probably sunk a few more dollars into buying into an American corporation or buying American real estate.

Nina L. Khrushcheva thinks that because Russia is so dependent on oil exports for income and corruption is so widespread they’re do for a crash. Putin’s tank diplomacy is popular in Russia because of traditional Russia ideas about nationalism and power combined with an historic resentment toward the west. She sees a turn for humility as their political leaders have to face the end of the oil boom. Could be a good thing if they turn to a competitive economy that actually makes things, coupled with democratic reforms.

There’s more, but like many of he links I post unlikely to generate much enthusiasm. Its difficult for us to see sometimes, what with work and families to take care of. Buying new tires, studying for tests or finding a date seem of more imminent importance then what’s happening on the other side of the world. Lots of truth to that, but what happens in Russia and China does affect us abet in a way that sometimes isn’t obvious.


Deflection is also a term used in psychology as part of a person’s coping mechanisms. In day to day conversation and some of my news reading it seems to be a way of not dealing with some facts that have been presented – The mayor left a huge deficit when she left office. Deflection – You’re from Berkley. Well, it doesn’t matter where whoever is from, the mayor left a huge deficit. There are reasons the deficit was left that directly relate to her judgment and abilities. I’m not just noticing this. I am beginning to realize that this phenomenon is rampant and here to stay. If your dentist thought like this while you were under going some procedure you’d have huge holes in your mouth. So I can’t understand why deflection is used or tolerated in discussing the important issues. Unless the person doing it feels insecure or isn’t capable of a cogent defense or contribution, but stills feels the need to jump in.