cable company chokes bandwidth, sky rail, head injuries and insights

Time Warner Cable chokes customers

The AP reports that TW will charge subscribers in Beaumont, Texas, will be charged $29.95 a month for slow service at 768 kilobits per second and a 5-gigabyte monthly cap up to $54.90 per month for 15 megabits per second and a 40-gigabyte cap; going over will cost them $1 per gig. For scale, the AP points out, a standard def movie is about 1.5 gigabytes and a high-definition movie is 6 to 8 gigs.

So Time Warner could end up charging customers more for watching a movie than the service selling the movie, whether that is iTunes or Netflix.

While there is an element of tiered service to the Time Warner Cable story is is also a preview of what the net could look like without net neutrality. AT&T’s DSL Lite service at 768 kb costs $20 with no cap ( but they do look out for high use file traders) which makes that cable price even more ridiculous. DSL is also still a little more reliable then cable. At the prices and tier type billing that TW is going to see a massive exit of customer if they adopt this type of plan nationwide. They do know that gas is 4 dollars a gallon?

sky rail

What’s that name? You know the feeling that something is on the tip of your tongue? It offers deep insights into the nature of the mind

According to Schacter, the tip-of-the-tongue moment demonstrates a peculiar aspect of memory, which is that different aspects of memory are stored separately in the brain. When we think about a friend, all of our memories of that friend aren’t filed away in a single location. Instead, different aspects of the memory are distributed throughout the brain, so that a proper name is separated from a visual memory of a face.

“When we remember something, that memory feels unified,” Schacter says. “But the reality is that you assemble each memory out of lots of different pieces. A tip-of-the-tongue state occurs when one of the pieces gets lost.”

Science has another surreptitious day. We have this new insight into the bran and memory because of one gentleman’s head injury who had an odd form of amnesia.