time is not on your side, MAC versus vista, wal-greed-mart

time is not on your side 

I haven’t done anything on tech for a while. As Windows Vista will be coming out soon and considering the time of the year a lot of people will be trying to decide to go with a new MAC ( that can boot with Windows) or get a new machine with Vista installed. For MAC veterans who tend to be very loyal its a no brainer. On the other hand Windows vets might need a little help to decide. The part that compares MAC and Vista starts about half way down, but if you want a good introduction into Vista the rest might be useful too, Windows Vista FAQ

Q. Can I run Windows Vista on a Mac?

Yep. The two major options for running Windows on a Macintosh system–Parallels and Apple’s Boot Camp–both support it.

[  ]..Q. How does Windows Vista stack up against the most recent Apple OS?

In our 2005 World Class Awards, we named Apple’s OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”) the third-best product of the year, while Windows XP wasn’t mentioned at all. But Windows Vista at least narrows the gap between operating systems that hail from Redmond and Cupertino. In part this is because Vista adds so many features–from decent integrated search to Gadgets (aka Widgets) to fancy 3D effects–that Tiger already has.

With Leopard, the next generation of OS X, due out next spring, Mac owners will get some new features that may put Windows users farther back in their rear-view mirrors. For instance, judging from previews, Leopard’s Time Machine continuous-backup utility may be superior to Vista’s Backup, System Restore, and Previous Versions data-recovery features.

Artists Protest Over Planned Eakins Sale 

 Several dozen local artists dismayed by a university’s decision to sell Thomas Eakins’ masterpiece “The Gross Clinic” joined Sunday the fight to keep the painting in its hometown.

Thomas Jefferson University announced Nov. 11 the planned sale of the painting for $68 million to a partnership of Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton and the National Gallery of Art in Washington. The university set a Dec. 26 deadline for a counteroffer.

This Eakin’s painting has been featured in every survey of American art book that I have ever read it deserves ti stay where it is. Yes the money will supposedly be used for research and infrastructure improvements, but those needs are hardly new for any university. Wal-mart’s participation in this little bit of black-mail is ironic since its profits in 2004 for example were 11 billion dollars. Wal-mart could write that university a check for  the amount of the Eakins painting as a donation and hardly miss it.