yellow warbler wallpaper, an interview with the master of modern gothic

A great photo of a yellow warbler with his reflection in a marsh. Larger version of the photo here and a brief post-it notes type description from enature here.

I think I’ve read maybe one Stephen King novel, but I have seen all the movies based on his works. I find it an interesting contrast that much of his work is so macabre yet he seems to be a very thoughtful even sensitive person. Maybe his writing serves as a kind of public catharsis, I want to share my nightmares

Stephen King married Tabitha Spruce in 1971. He had met her in the library at the University of Maine, where they were both students. They live in Maine to this day – in Bangor – and have three grown children.

She is also a novelist. Although he insists that the character Lisey in his new novel is not his wife, he does acknowledge that his book is a homage to the ‘invisible’ wives of famous authors. ‘The book is a celebration of monogamy, in a way,’ he says. ‘It is also about how even in the most intimate relationships we are always holding something back.’

We can never be wholly known? ‘Exactly. I think of my wife as holding a deck of 52 cards – if you ask me how many she is showing me I wouldn’t know. We are as close to each other as two people can be but one can never be sure how much you do and do not know about another person.

“I’ve been married 35 years so I guess we know more about each other than a lot of couples do. But even we don’t know everything. Some couples I guess give up trying to know. They give in and their marriage ends in divorce due to lack of interest, or the other partner straying outside the marriage. But sometimes creative people get creative about their marriage and find ways to revitalise it.’

Did his accident change his relationship with his wife? ‘It made me appreciate how vulnerable we all are. For a while I became overly protective about my family, especially when they walked on the street.