moeraki boulders wallpaper, desktopography, then the buzzards came

moeraki boulders wallpaper 

While you can’t say that my taste in photos and graphic art isn’t eclectic I wouldn’t say that what I post is as consistantly edgy as the art desktops at Desktopography. You’ll need some patience for the page to load on a slow connection. Mosy have a nature theme, but it is not your ordinary take on the natural world. Then there is the added bonus of links to the artist’s web site(if they have one) where you can find more of what you like.

Childe Buzzard to the Dark Tower Came 

You see, our cell-phone tower is now the permanent nighttime home of over a hundred black-headed buzzards. Big, ugly buzzards. The kind you see playing tug-of-war with whole deer carcasses.

Small, but interesting photo at the link. Usually once a year I’ll get a small flock of turkey buzzards passing through. Though they’re easily scared away they will stare at you in a way that other birds don’t. A comment in defense of nature’s cleaning crew here.