dahlias after the rain, tim eitel’s modern surreality, a conservative mistress tale

dahlias after the rain 

A little warm front passed through a few days ago and brought some rain with it. As usual after a couple cool weather weeks this freaks out the azaleas so they spouted a few flowers. Since I don’t have a good azalea pic these dahlias will have to do.

For the surrealist and Photoshop freaks, Optical Delusions

Tim Eitel’s Boat (2004) depicts a man and a woman, their backs to the viewer, paddling a canoe through a flooded interior, bounded by two dark walls and opening out onto a mottled white expanse. The couple seems to be heading over the edge and into an area of pale, cloudy light that could be an opening beyond the horizon. The casualness of the figures’ attitudes and attire is disconcertingly at odds with the surreal character of their environment.

Eitel, 35, had been trying for some time to admit the outside world into his hermetic interiors, and he feels that he has finally found a way to deal with architecture and landscape simultaneously. “It’s a weird kind of ambiguity I’m looking for,” he says. “It has this sense of space and depth, but it’s also in a way abstract, like this big void.”

The photo of Eitel’s Boat is worth the click. He doesn’t use a photo editor he is obviously a master painter. Though his work would be great inspiration for those into doing composites. He reminds me a little of Edward Hopper mixed with a little Andrew Wythe. As big themes go Eitel’s combination of beauty and loneliness is something that attracts and disturbs the viewer all at once.

A suggestion for my fellow men. I would advise against having a mistress. There are several self evident reasons that have to do with respecting your wife and your kids if you have any, but one reason is that you will probably never have enough money to keep your mistress completely quiet especially if you roughed them up at one time, Rep. paying ex-mistress about $500K

 ALLENTOWN, Pa. – A Republican congressman accused of abusing his ex-mistress agreed to pay her about $500,000 in a settlement last year that contained a powerful incentive for her to keep quiet until after Election Day, a person familiar with the terms of the deal told The Associated Press.

Rep. Don Sherwood’s (R-PA) wife has an interesting take on what constitutes cruelty, “Last month, his wife mailed a letter to voters that accused Carney (Sherwood’s Democratic challenger) of “needlessly cruel” campaign tactics.” (emphasis mine). Hence the reputation that some conservative women have for being Stepford Wives .

I can’t remember if I have ever had a quote of the day so this write up of a British journalist/blogger covering American elections might be my first,  A few observations from the road

 And finally that Americans, who are such demanding consumers in every other aspect of their life, curiously expect precious little from their leaders. People who would think nothing of sending back a burger if it comes with Swiss rather than Cheddar cheese, seem more than happy to hang on to an entire political class which has completely failed so many of them.

I wish I was being ironic when I say that it seems like a sizable portion of the population are socially and politically against the “common good”.