victoria harbor wallpaper, best of national geographic wildlife photos, supermarket flowers and kenya’s rivers

victoria harbor wallpaper 

This photo is almost a mb. I couldn’t put up something of lesser quality without introducing some noise in the sky. Beautiful and unique and as usual no one will like it.

Photo Gallery: Best Wildlife Photos of 2006 Announced from National Geographic. This sea turtle is my favorite. I have never seen fish clean a turtle like this.

This is from the U.K. so when they say “your”, keep that in mind. How your supermarket flowers empty Kenya’s rivers   

One hundred miles from its source on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya, the great river Ngiro was just ankle deep yesterday as nomadic farmers walked through waters which have become the focus of conflict.

Kenya’s second largest river is a life-sustaining resource for these farmers, but it also sustains big business for flower farms supplying UK supermarkets. British and European-owned flower companies grow vast quantities of blooms and vegetables for export and last week the official Kenyan water authority, regional bodies, human rights and development groups as well as small-scale farmers accused flower companies near Mount Kenya of “stealing” water which would normally fill the river.

According to the head of the water authority, the 12 largest flower firms which farm hundreds of hectares of flowers, fruit and vegetables in the region and supply supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and M&S and the European market, may be taking as much as 25% of water normally available to more than 100,000 small farmers.

“The big flower farms should be taking water only [during] the floods, but they are taking it from high up the mountains whenever they need it. They are all stealing water. We follow the river at night and see them do it,” said Severino Maitima, head of the recently set up, government-appointed Ewaso [river] Ngiro water authority, which manages all the water in the region.

All of which seems obviously unfair. Money has a way of making people blind to ethics. The flower companies know better and yet steal the water anyway. Its not money in and of itself, it never is, money being inanimate, but why large companies feel they need to eck out that few more pennies on the dollar without regard to how it hurts others. Its too bad they often times our ethics can’t keep up the same pace of advancement as our technology.

If you’re the kind of person that thinks a little conservative mixed with your liberalism would be qood way to go this year here’s a little something to think about if you were considering splitting tickets on governor, Here’s Why Voting For ANY Republican Governor is EXTRA Dangerous This Year