photo:neon sign, old soviet architecture, habeas corpus died and no one cared

neon sign market place 

Frederic Chaubin: Soviet SF Style

All of the buildings in the photos you took look like something from Sci-Fi films. Were there many of these buildings in the Soviet Union?

Well, these are more like an accident. If you see the photographs all together in a small space like here, you might feel like there are quite a lot of these buildings around, but actually there are very few of them. You have to imagine that if you go to each Russian town you will only find one or two very special buildings there. But most of them are very boring and look very similar, and those here are the exceptions.

Why were they built over 20, 30 years ago?

It is difficult to figure out where the idea came from. The possible reason is because the USSR used to be a huge country with no homogeneity. Also, there were only very few connections to the rest of the world. So, most of the architects didn’t know what was happening outside of the Soviet Union.

Many if not most of the buildings pictured at the link are oddly beautiful. It is if someone was taught the technical aspects of architecture and yet never had any depth of aesthetic training. In some ways it works out, creating very modernistic buildings that have a child-like quality about them. As though they had a few comic/sci-fi books that had been smuggled in and that was all they had for inspiration.

Habeas Corpus Dead with nary a whimper

The past five years have seen the USA engage in systematic violations of international law, with a distressing impact on thousands of detainees and their families. Human rights violations have included:

o Secret detention
o Enforced disappearance
o Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
o Outrages upon personal dignity, including humiliating treatment
o Denial and restriction of habeas corpus
o Indefinite detention without charge or trial
o Prolonged incommunicado detention
o Arbitrary detention
o Unfair trial procedures

How odd or ironic how the old Soviet Union was considered evil for the very things that conservatives now claim are necessary to “preserve freedom”.