old chair fubu wallpaper, guitar string bracelets, register to vote from your parents basement

chair FUBU wallpaper 

Haven’t done any graphics for a while so I took a photo of a really depressing discarded chair and played around with some paint effects. It should go without saying that illustration has nothing to do with the FUBU company, it was spray painted on the chair in the original photo. Unintentional or intentional social commentary by the spray painter? I don’t know, but it did give me pause to think.

Wear Your Music, Guitar String Bracelets. Just what it says. Done extremely well, jewelry as art. The photo gallery.

 Now, You Can Register to Vote From the Privacy and Comfort of Your Parent’s Basement 

For a decade and a half, Rock the Vote has tried various ways to encourage 18- to 30-year-olds to go the polls. They’ve hooked up with MTV, put on concerts, sent out “street teams” to proselytize, and set up voting drives on college campuses. But nothing has worked like the Internet. In 2004, the group registered 1.4 million voters–1.2 million online. Now, they’re going one step further. The group has teamed up with Facebook, the hugely popular site that gives people a personalized space on the Web. The voting drive takes advantage of Facebook’s “news feed” feature. Each user will be alerted every time someone in their network joins the Rock the Vote effort. “Our hope is that if someone sees that their friends are doing this, they’ll do it too,” says Lindsey Berman of Young Voter Strategies at George Washington University. Berman believes it will work because of good old-fashioned peer pressure.